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My solutions are tried & tested and definitely on the cutting edge of design.

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Pro Series:Pro Series INTEL or AMD, Pro-Office is for those who needs a basic computer that can handle any office related task with ease but is small and discreet, and will never crash or die.
Low power usage – Stable – Powerful – Long lasting.

Gamer Series:Gamer Series This is for the hardcore gamer with all the bells and whistles.
SSD Drive system – for fast booting – Top of the range Motherboard ROG – Top of the range Graphic Card – Fast Ram – Incredible overlocking abilities due to its unlocked core multiplier in its CPU. Awesome Coolermaster Storm Trooper case that has a toolbox built in and has a handle for easy portability. Takes 9 hard drives.

Mid to Hardcore Gamers: Guaranteed 60 frames per seconds frame rates on full graphics. It is designed as a top of the range machine incorporating all the latest architecture. Plug in and play any ultra realistic game released before 2013.

Mid-core Gamers: This Machine will allow you to play every game currently available. Guaranteed to play all high demanding Lan games. Just plug in and play. It is a mid to high range machine with all the features needed for Mid-core gamers and laners.
Ultra portable – Fits full length graphics card – Highly expandable – Very powerful.
Everything a laner needs in a computer.

Casual and Budget Gamers: This machine is designed for those with small budgets but will last a long time, and easily upgradable. It has the capabilities of a mid range machine though still affordable. With its 4 cores and integrated HD6530D it has the capability to get you off the ground straight away as a gamer. At start up you will be able to play BF3 and all the basic games.

PC or Mobile Upgrade:Upgrade Bundles For a personal computer tailor made for you or for any mobile device whether tablet or smart phone customised for you, please request a quote.

Home Media or Server:Home Server For a home media center or home server tailor made for you, please request a quote.

AurelianAurelian is our IT hardware designer specialising in customised hardware solutions. He uses his software and gaming expertise and an excellent sense of design background to create fully customised, highly functional solutions.

‘How it works’ has always been my motto. Through my inquisitive nature I have been exposed to all aspects of IT connectivity. This enables me to address hardware & software solutions with an innovative approach. My solutions are tried & tested, definitely on the cutting edge of design. Cost is a very important consideration for me, I design to budget maximising performance and function.


Price is an important consideration, a budget will help me target your solution.

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